So after a number of years in the Premiership, Barcelona has finally spotted your undoubted talent. They’ve sent a private jet to whisk you and your WAG across to the Camp Nou, where a contract worth £250k per week is awaiting your signature. 

For a chosen few this can be reality. 

But what about the thousands of players who for them, this doesn’t quite happen? The ones in the lower leagues, who having retired in their mid-30’s now have to find a new income. Or the academy youngsters who have been with their clubs since a young age and are now being released aged 18 into a world they aren’t prepared for. 

What then??

Through our own recruitment division, we are in a position to work with you once football no longer becomes your chosen direction. From basic careers advice, re-training or staying within the game, we can support and offer the guidance needed to help you achieve your new role. 
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